Is Your Ecommerce Site Ready for the New Normal?

As the world opens back up, people continue online shopping. And it’s looking like ecommerce sites will continue to be necessary. Get your site ready.

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After living through 2020, we don’t have to tell you why an ecommerce site is important. But we will tell you that it’s looking more and more like the need for a robust ecommerce site will be permanent. 

Even as the world opens back up, people continue to do most of their shopping online. That means that your business needs to be where the customers are shopping. An ecommerce site that works smoothly can go a long way to driving customer traffic and sales.

Keep reading for a couple ways you can ensure success for your ecommerce site.

Keep Local Customers Coming Back

Have you ever heard of the 80/20 rule? It says that around 80% of your sales come from only 20% of your customers. That’s huge! Nurturing those relationships is extremely important to keep getting those recurring orders — especially when most customers are switching to online shopping.

But how can you use your ecommerce site to keep your customers coming back? The most obvious answer is convenience. Your customers are shopping online for convenience, so make sure that your ecommerce site is as user-friendly as possible. We’ll take a deeper look at this later.

Ecommerce sites also give you the ability to track and analyze your customers’ actions. The more you learn about their shopping habits, the more easily you’ll be able to predict their behavior and tailor your site to their needs and wants. It also gives you the ability to collect email addresses, interests, and other information that you can use to market your products directly to those most interested in them.

Make Your Ecommerce Site User Friendly

We already briefly mentioned the need for your ecommerce site to be user-friendly, but it’s so important that we want to talk about it more. 

How many times have you left a cart full of items when online shopping because you couldn’t get the website to work? Or because the website was loading too slowly? Or maybe the website wasn’t well-built, and you didn’t feel comfortable entering your credit card information.

Those are all definitely real concerns when it comes to ecommerce sites. Customers are shopping at your online store because it’s more convenient than driving to the store and waiting in line to check out. If your website has a longer load time or more confusing checkout process than your competitor, then you’re likely to lose that business. 

Need Help?

If the “new normal” has you worried and you’re unsure how you’ll build or maintain your new ecommerce site, then Infomedia is here to help. We look forward to helping your business overcome whatever challenges you’re facing. Fill out our contact form and tell us a little about yourself and your business. We’ll get in touch as soon as possible to discuss how we can help you grow your business.

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