The 3 Best Website Photos Hacks We Learned from a Professional Photographer

Find out how to create (or purchase) the best photos possible for your business website.

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Our recent Lunch & Learn event — Photo Hacks for Cheaper, More Effective Website Photography — was hosted by Kelly Cummings of Spindle Photography. As an experienced photographer, Kelly brought up many helpful points and even shared her presentation slides, so those of us who missed the event can still get the benefit of her professional insight. Since Kelly is a guest speaker, we won’t have a recorded webinar of her presentation, but her slides are available here on our LinkedIn account. Here are our three favorite points from the presentation:

Stock Photography Is an Option

Stock photography regularly gets a bad reputation, and often with good reason. Whether it’s women guffawing over salads or images so over saturated that they belong on Instagram, there are some major mistakes that can be made with stock photography. Kelly’s advice for getting the best stock photography is:

  • Avoid generic images (such as the first search result that pops up), anything with a stark white background or pictures with over-the-top facial expressions.
  • Use pictures where the style and editing fits your website’s existing images
  • Make sure the stock photos aren’t misleading for your business; only use imagery that represents what you really have to offer
  • Stock photography is not a good fit if you’re trying to show a location, unique products or your staff

Don’t Fear Your Phone

If you’re hoping to fill your website with large, high-quality images, then using a phone may not be the best option. But if you’re looking for a few photos to fill in gaps, need a featured image for a blog or want some bio shots for leadership, then grab your phone and get to work! Just be sure to follow Kelly’s tips for using smart phones:

  • Use natural light whenever possible and try to utilize clean/neutral backgrounds
  • Images can be edited in the (free) Lightroom app for a professional look
  • Always clean your lens to avoid potential smudges and smears
  • Invest in a tripod, if possible, to get more consistent results

Keeping Costs Low with Professional Photographers

We understand wanting to get the best bang for your buck when you’re hiring a professional photographer. Whether they’re available for a half-day or a full day, utilizing your photographer’s time makes both their job and your job a lot easier. Find out first-hand what Kelly suggests for keeping costs low:

  • Take inventory of your current site and make a list of photos you’ll need, including blogs and social media if those are priorities
  • Give photographers specifics if possible: Let them know if the images need to be horizontal or vertical, if any pictures need to leave room for text and how much time you anticipate needing their services (1 hour, half day, full day, etc.)
  • Create a styling kit for your photographer with collateral and office supplies in your brand’s color
  • If you know of a space in your business that you’d like photographed, do a walkthrough beforehand to find the best lighting and have those areas cleaned/prepped

Want to work on updating your website’s photos, but don’t know where to start? Contact us at Infomedia today and we’ll set up a no-commitment consultation with our photography and videography team.


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