Do You Need More Website Traffic — or More Conversions?

Turn your website visitors into customers by focusing on conversions.

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When Infomedia first started in 1994, we had to convince people that they needed a website. This seems funny now because all businesses know they need a web site.

Around 2001, we started talking to our customers about driving traffic to their sites. The days of “build it and they will come” were over. Everyone had a website and you needed a strategy to make sure traffic was coming to your site. But traffic isn’t the whole answer — you also need to be sure you’re getting the right traffic, the traffic that can become customers and clients for your business. Through the years, we’ve learned some fantastic strategies for getting the right traffic based on your company’s budget, business model, audience and location.

There is a problem with just driving traffic

Traffic, even good traffic, doesn’t always mean that your website is successful. Take, for example, a website that receives 2,500 unique visitors a month. Most people would assume that a website with 2,500 unique visitors a month would be generating leads or making money for the business, but that’s not always true. If the site’s not a money maker or a help to the business at all, is that traffic really worth it?

You need conversions as well

Most people have no idea what percentage of their site visitors become conversions — some don’t even know what a conversion is. This is easily confusing, because a conversion is different depending on the company. For some websites, a conversion means a sale of the product. Another company may not sell products online at all, but instead offer services. For that company, a conversion might be the visitor filling out a form or the company somehow capturing the customer’s email address. Whatever your company decides on as your desired conversion, we can set up Google Analytics to track the conversion rate and show you the return on your investment.

A small increase in conversions can equal big returns

Let’s take one of our clients here at Infomedia that has an average rate of 2,500-3,000 visitors a month to their website. Just a small increase in conversions could revolutionize their business! Check it out:

This company doesn’t sell products online, but does use their site to set appointments. Currently, about 1% of their visitors set appointments. Their sales team is able to make a sale on about 60% (or six out of 10) of those appointments once the customers actually walk into their store.

By taking the average profit from each sale and then dividing it by the 10 appointments, this client tells us that every appointment they set through their website is worth about $900 in profit.

So, we know that their current site gets only 1% of 2,500 visitors to fill out the form and set up a consultation. What would happen to their profits if their conversions grew even a little bit, to 2% or 3%? That little boost in conversions could mean a lot more profit — and that’s why adapting your site to get more conversions could really be a money-maker.

The hidden benefit of doubling your conversions from 1% to 2%

Besides the obvious value of increasing your profits, there is a hidden benefit from doubling your conversions: They add more people to your current marketing campaign, and they allow you to build relationships with more people. Even if your site conversion doesn’t result in immediate business, the contact gives you the opportunity to continue contact through email blasts, blogs and social media shares that may later convince this potential customer that you are worthy of their business.

Your website can be a business tool instead of a brochure

Your website can be very powerful, but not if you treat it like a brochure with flat information about your business. Instead, treat it like a tool. Through inexpensive and simple testing and tweaks, we can turn your website into a sales- or lead-generating machine! I’d love to talk to you about how. Give me a call at 205-823-4440 to set up a time to discuss a plan of attack.

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