Digital Strategy for Small Business

Our challenge at Infomedia is to help our clients implement an effective digital strategy, whether they have two or two thousand employees.

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When you talk about a small business in Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, or Nashville, you are usually talking about a company with ten to twenty employees. In some cases, it might be a company that has only one or two employees, including the owner. Our challenge at Infomedia is to help our clients implement an effective digital strategy, whether they have two or two thousand employees.

Where does this process begin? It must start with a fantastic website. If you have a poorly designed website that challenges the visitor in navigation, checkout, or obtaining essential information,  what you do on Facebook will not matter.

Assuming you have already contacted the sales team at Infomedia and have a great website, it is time to develop a digital strategy around Web Video, Online Branding, Online Advertising, Interactive Communications, and Search Engine Optimization.

Web Video

Web Video is one of the most cost efficient tools digital strategy offers, for the attention it can garnish when used well. A quick 1-minute video can make or break a customer interested in your products or service, as it is an authentic and transparent video that conveys a message in a personal way.


Online Branding is the catalyst of what you do in the control of your online brand. Reviewing your web site, marketing materials, communications with clients/customers, and targeted communities you want to make sure you are projecting a unified message. This includes not only talking points, but a unified logo and color scheme. A part of the online branding process is to clearly state your mission and goals for the strategy. If you are developing a new video around a client testimonial your mission should to be encourage new sales conversions with the goal being 25 new sales in the first quarter.

Online Advertising

Online Advertising is one of the newest digital strategies that organizations and companies are beginning to put to use. With the ability to target individual demographic characteristics you are empowered to show your message to only those that can be converted for sales or information. At the same time you can set a budget so you are only spending what you can afford. If you can afford $25 a day or $100 a day we can set the budget to maximize your digital dollars. Another feature of Online Advertising is the capability to do A/B testing on your advertisements with speed and ease. Testing multiple advertisements to see which is most effective reduces the waste of money on an effective advertisement.

Interactive Communication

Interactive Communications is the pillar of any digital strategy. Encompassing E-Mail Newsletters, Blogging, and Social communications platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. Producing content on any of these devices drives traffic back to your website and enriches your website with data for search engines to be able to ingest your website.


Search Engine Optimization is an industry term that has become a must have for your new website. SEO is a set of guidelines that are implemented in your website that allows you to promote your website around a set of keywords or keyword phrases. SEO allows you to have a better understanding of your business through a set of reports showing how visitors are using your website and how you compare to your competitors online.

A digital strategy is a big tool box that allows you to build a strong marketing campaign for your product or information you or your company are advocating. If you are ready to start building your digital strategy, contact our sales team today.

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