How to Create Compelling Homepage Content

First impressions are important, right? And your website’s homepage is often the first thing that your audience sees when visiting your site. So, it just makes sense that your homepage content needs to capture your audience’s attention right away. Keep reading to learn more about why your homepage content is so important and how you can make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

Your homepage content is a mixture of everything that is on your homepage — text, videos, images, sounds, animations, infographics, etc. 

Here are some tips to keep in mind when creating your homepage content.

1. Determine Your Audience

The first step you should take when creating homepage content is to determine your audience. Why? Because that’ll impact every other decision you make! You want to make sure that you’re attracting the right types of people to your website, meaning potential customers.

2. Create Compelling Copy

Next up, you can start thinking about your copy. Think of it as the glue that holds all of your other homepage content together. 

The most important things to keep in mind: your copy needs to be easy to understand and clearly communicate your message. 

3. Use Mixed Media

Different people absorb information differently. That means that you need a variety of media to capture the attention of your entire audience. 

For those who are text-based learners, your website copy should do the trick. But for visual learners, you should look at using a mixture of video and images. With video, you can target both visual and auditory learners. (Throw in subtitles and you can get all three!)

4. Call to Action

Now you’ve covered who your audience is, what they want to hear and how they want to hear it. Next, you want to tell them exactly what action you want them to take on your website. 

Your CTAs can include anything from completing a form to visiting your services or product pages or even making a purchase. Just make sure that you’re clearly asking your audience to complete whatever that action is. Avoid ambiguity at all costs.

5. Optimize, Optimize, Optimize

Last, but certainly not least, your homepage should be SEO-optimized. Basically, that just means that your homepage content is structured in a way that search engines can easily crawl and index. You can do this by including keywords relevant to what your audience is searching for when thinking about your industry.

See How Infomedia Can Help

If you think that your homepage content could use a boost, then a homepage refresh is just what you need! This budget-friendly option can have a huge impact on your site overall. Our team of experts is ready to help you get started, so let’s talk today.

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