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Client Spotlight: SAS Cupcakes

SAS Cupcakes teamed with Infomedia to develop their website and they have grown from a single storefront in Newark, Delaware to a thriving national brand.

Entrepreneurs Tara and Mike Voigt launched SAS cupcakes with a progressive vision to create fabulous gourmet cupcakes through a national brand that wasn't limited by regional demographics. So it’s not surprising that e-commerce was a cornerstone of their strategy from the outset. "You're either in the big pool or the baby pool and you have to make your choice right from the start," says Tara. Their cupcakery has certainly made a splash on the gourmet sweets scene. Founded in 2006, SASCupcakes serves customers all over the country and they've picked up national press accolades including a major feature on the Food Network. They've also caught the attention of major retailers, and credit their web site and e-commerce capabilities with helping them land an exclusive agreement with Saks Fifth Avenue.  

SAS Cupcakes teamed with Infomedia to develop their website and they have grown from a single storefront in Newark, Delaware to a national brand that has the distinction of being the only traditional cupcakery in the U.S. with a full e-commerce site. "Our progressiveness sets us apart, and Infomedia helped give us the confidence and ability to take the site to where we knew we needed to be,” says Tara.

In the company's day to day operations, Tara is the "face" of the company, managing retail, merchandising, marketing and branding. Her husband Mike collaborates on brand development from the back of the house, managing everything from recipe development and baking to logistics and financials.

Their gourmet line now includes forty different combinations of gourmet cupcakes and SAS was the first cupcakery to offer occasion-based assortments. Cupcakes for bridal and baby showers are among their biggest sellers. Tara says one the greatest perks of the business is that every day is a celebration, with the cupcake team providing sweet treats for people celebrating special occasions.

Tara says the SAS website and the applications they use seamlessy blend three fundamentals of their operations: local customers may place orders for pickup, local deliveries can be ordered and scheduled, and for customers all over the U.S., ordering and shipping can all be handled online.

Tara and Mike are excited about their next step: opening a second SAS Cupcakes storefront in Charlotte, North Carolina later this year. Their e-commerce plans are expanding as well as SAS Cupcakes continues to enjoy steady growth. Check out to get a taste of what all the excitement’s about! 

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