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Client Spotlight: Richter Landscape Company

Richter Landscape Company

When John Richter turned to Infomedia to develop a website for his landscape services company, he knew he wanted to use the site to showcase his landscape installation and management projects. He wanted a clean and “user-friendly” website that customers and prospects would find easy to navigate. So it’s not surprising that a photo gallery is an important element in his site. It gives visitors a place to take a look residential and commercial landscapes that Richter has installed or managed, and even includes “before and after” photos of some projects.

Another vitally important part of the Richter Landscape website is a part visitors will never see. It is the Productivity Manager Business Tool that serves as a secure project management hub. John and his team spend most of their time in the field, managing projects throughout the Birmingham area, and they use Infomedia’s Productivity Manager Business Tool as a secure on-line management program to centralize information. Team members can instantly access important project details via their Blackberries. They can enter notes, attach files, log time, retrieve data and instantly access multiple project details. “This system does a great job of consolidating the many project components-it’s a great point of reference,” says Richter. For more information on Richter Landscape Company visit
Click here To find out more about Infomedia’s Productivity Manager Business Tool.

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