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Client Spotlight: Dorm Suite Dorm

Website page for Dorm Suite Dorm

Designer Dorm Bedding by Sheri Corey

When Sheri Corey launched Dorm Suite Dorm, her line of designer dorm bedding, she knew she needed a high-end website design to appeal to her target market – young women going off to college. She knew the media-savvy group was likely to hit the Internet first when shopping, so she commissioned Infomedia to design the site and quickly realized that Infomedia could also provide e-commerce solutions that would save her money and time — critical elements in keeping her overhead low.  “The online order system is seamless, and we love the way it opens an opportunity to build relationships with our customers while reaping the benefits of detailed automated accounting and inventory reporting,“ says Sheri.  She is also contributing content to her site’s blog — a way to reach out to potential new customers, while sharing her experiences from her travels with trunk shows and college events.

Thanks to its online marketing strategy, Dorm Suite Dorm bedding, complete with a custom line of extra-long twin sheets, is headed off to college this fall. Students at the University of Texas, University of Southern California, Washington and Lee, Ole Miss, Alabama, Auburn and schools from coast to coast, north to south, have clicked in to order. Her next challenge?  Expanding her “Suitemates” online rewards program that offers students creative ways to get more for their money through innovative online networking. It’s a concept she knows well, and she’s excited about sharing her secrets with the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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