Want to Save Money and Launch On-Time? Start with a Clear Website Scope

You made the decision to create a new website. You put in the work to create a website strategy. Now what?

The next step is to clearly define a scope of work. This allows your website service company, like Infomedia, to clarify what work is being done, how much it will cost and what the timeline will be. 

What Is A Website Scope of Work?

At Infomedia, we actually call it a defined scope of work. That’s because we’re (you guessed it) defining the scope of work that we’ll be doing on your website. Not only does this provide project clarity, but it also ensures that you save time and money by getting everyone on the same page.

At your discovery meeting, we’ll discuss your goals, your websites functionality and design, and more to get a good understanding of your business’s website needs. Then, our whole team collaborates to clearly define what work is necessary to meet those needs. 

Benefits of A Website Scope

First and foremost, a scope of work lets you, the client, know exactly what you’re buying. It also lets the website service company know exactly what they’re selling. It clarifies what was discussed in the discovery meeting, and prevents any surprises down the road. 

If there’s anything in the scope that doesn’t align with what you had in mind, this is the time to ask questions! Once design and development work is started, it’s more difficult to make changes. That’s how prices increase and timelines get pushed back.

What to Expect

There are two main parts of a website scope: functionality and content. 


It’s a no-brainer, but functionality refers to how your website will function. Are you a realtor that needs the ability to filter properties on your website? Or maybe your business sells products online, so you need an ecommerce store? These all fall under functionality. By clearly defining the work that needs to be done by our developers, we can make sure your website accomplishes exactly what you need it to do.


The second component of your website scope will be content. Once your website strategy and sitemap are approved, we’ll have a clear idea of what content you still need for your website. This can include copywriting, photography and videography. Every piece of content will play a role in achieving the overall goals you set during the strategy and discovery phase of your project. 

Content isn’t everyone’s forte, but don’t worry. It’s one of ours. We can help you figure out how much content your site needs and how to create it. Our copywriting and media teams can even take care of it for you, so you can focus on your business. 

Ready to Get Started? 

Let’s talk about your website project! We’re ready to hit the ground running and find solutions for all of your website needs. Find out how we can put our 25 years of website experience to work for you.

About Anna

As a self-proclaimed “non-athlete” who somehow managed to play every sport you can think of during her time in school, Anna knows a thing or two about getting outside of her comfort zone. Anna joined Infomedia as Content Specialist, meaning that she handles all sorts of content from website copy to blogs to social media captions (and lots of things in between). Her background in both traditional and digital marketing, combined with her passion for writing and strong organizational skills, means that Anna thrives in this writing-focused role. Outside of work, you’ll probably find Anna hanging out with her husband, Jacob, and their three fur babies: Oliver (a cat), Noodles (also a cat) and Onix (a black lab).

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