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With Twenty Years in Web Strategy, Clay Conner Looks to the Future

In his over two decades of service, Clay has become an integral part of our team at Infomedia.

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This year, we’re excited to recognize an impressive accomplishment — Clay Conner, our Director of Business Development, is celebrating his 20th anniversary with Infomedia. Twenty years of service is a huge achievement and is becoming increasingly rare in an economy that seldom sees that kind of commitment and consistency. Clay’s dedication to advocating for his clients and helping them develop their web strategy is unparalleled, and his talent at helping leaders pinpoint their targets and direction is no accident — it’s been built over two decades of learning what works (and what doesn’t) on hundreds of websites. This month, we’re thanking Clay for his commitment, and we’re also taking the opportunity to learn from him. Today, we’re sharing a Q&A session we had with Clay about his work here at Infomedia, and over the next month, he’ll be sharing more of his knowledge about exactly what goes into creating a successful web strategy.

When did you start at Infomedia?

What was your first position at Infomedia?
I started in the customer service team. During that time, Infomedia only had about half a dozen staff members. I worked on project management and client relations. My first major accounts were with AmSouth Bank, on their ecommerce project, and Regus Office Systems.

If you were able to go back and talk to yourself 20 years ago, what would you say?
I’d tell myself to be a continual learner. The web is a very fluid industry. It changes regularly, and if you keep holding onto one idea, you’ll be behind in a second. Embracing learning new technologies as they appear will give you a leg up.

How has Infomedia evolved over the last 20 years?
When I first started at Infomedia, we were leaning toward being more of a web design company. Today, Infomedia has grown into more of a web strategy company, and we offer a more comprehensive suite of services. The mindset has shifted from a great website just needing a beautiful design to also including an emphasis on copy, high-quality photography, eye-catching video and more.

How has the web industry evolved over the last 20 years?
Websites used to be more like a Wikipedia page for companies. They would stuff volumes and volumes of content in and the whole thing looked very messy. Information today has become more bite-sized and a premium has been placed on well thought out content. With all the options online, people only take a few seconds to make a decision to buy something or set up an appointment. These days, you don’t want to overcrowd your site with too much information or tons of options.


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