Chrome Is The New White: Chrome Extensions To Guard Your Galactic Website Empire

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To confirm the stereotypes, web development companies generally have a decent population of nerds. Several of our guys (and girls) have been counting down the days and hours until they get to see The Force Awakens while attempting to educate others in the office with Star Wars knowledge that we may or may not use at a later date. It’s even been rumored that there may even be a new storm trooper that’s not only a woman *GASP* but also Chrome instead of white. This also may be old news to you, but in the midst of all that Jabba the Hutt banter, we’ve also made a list of the best Google Chrome extensions we could find in honor of this new storm trooper. How could we not?

Amazon Wishlist

This is a great one with Christmas just a week away! No matter what site you’re browsing on, this extension allows you to save a product to your gift list that can be accessed on any device with internet. That way you can have all of your wants and wishes in one place, not to mention the ability to send and share with friends and family!

Pin It button

Pinterest is no stranger to most folks these days, but whether you’re a closet pinner (ahem men) or a regular, this extension lets you pin anything and everything you see that you want and save for later. It’s like the OCD’s best friend for filing and organization. Trust me, you need it.

Black Menu

This may be my favorite on the list, but don’t tell anyone. This Google extension tucks neatly away in the top right corner of your browser and holds nearly as much power as a lightsaber. It makes every Google service available in a tiny little window with no need to navigate to another page to find what you’re looking for. Need to search your Google Docs? Want to look something up super quickly on YouTube? Just pull out your little black menu. Problem solved.

Tag Assistant

When you have your own website this one is super important. Tag assistant shows you which tags such as Google Analytics, Adwords Conversion Tracking, and Google Tag Manager are being utilized on your website. Not only does it identify which ones are there, but it also helps you troubleshoot implementation problems if there are any. Think of this like having your very own Yoda around all of the time. Knows all things it does.

Force Block

Lastly, Force Block disallows any and every kind of spoiler for The Force Awakens to come across your screen. How does it work, say you? Force Block has been filled with various Star Wars words, phrases, names, etc. so that when they show up on your screen, they can quickly be identified and blasted away. It’s absolutely perfect for those that didn’t make it to the midnight showing (like all of our nerds) for a few more days. But trust me, they’ve tried this one and made sure it’s Infomedia approved. No spoilers here.

Wanting to shop for a few extras? Explore more Galactic Google territory here

And as always…May the force be with you!

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