What Do I Need to Update Online When My Business Moves?

Amidst the stress and excitement of moving, don’t forget to update key pieces of information crucial to your business.

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The Infomedia office recently relocated to 3rd Avenue South, near Birmingham’s Pepper Place. We’ve spent the last month packing, unloading trucks and rearranging furniture. The physical move was tough (and also rewarding), but that wasn’t the only work we had to do. When you relocate your business, it’s important to also move your online presence to preserve SEO and avoid confusing your customer base. Ensure your move is as streamlined as possible by updating these areas online:

Your Website

Go through your site and update any pieces of contact information that have changed. Most often, this includes footers and headers as well as page content. Make sure to check for embedded maps and links for directions.

Social Media

Evaluate each of your social media platforms and update your contact information there. It’s also a great idea to announce your move with a post (or series of posts) on each platform.

Staff Email Signatures and Email Marketing

Remind your employees to update the address in their email signatures. If you run campaigns through an email marketing service like MailChimp, make sure to update contact information on your templates as well.

Local Business Accounts

Update your existing local business listings, such as Google My Business, Yahoo local, and Yelp, to reflect your new address and contact information. It’s important to update your existing listings rather than create new ones. Google has specific guidelines for how to represent your business and you don’t want to accidentally violate them. Check other sites you may be affiliated with, such as:

  • Foursquare
  • Apple Maps
  • TripAdvisor
  • Online directories like Business.com

Don’t Want to Worry about It?

One way to cut down on stress during a move is to outsource as much as possible — and in this case, Infomedia can help. We might not be around to load up the truck and carry boxes, but we can help update your online profiles with your new address. Want us to help? Just get in touch and let us know you’re wanting to update your address and local search information.


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