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We’re Celebrating our Office Dogs for Doo Dah Day!

If you have ever been to our offices here at Infomedia, it’s very likely that you have seen or met one of our furry friends. Take a "paws" from your day and meet our four-legged team!

dog plays with a yellow frisbee

Any given day is “Take Your Dog To Work Day” day around Infomedia. Our team works so hard for our awesome clients and it’s nice to take some time on a busy day and love on or play with one of the pups.

With Do Dah Day — a parade of dogs around Birmingham’s Southside — coming up this Saturday, we thought we would spotlight some of the Infomedia dogs!

Starting with the top left pup, meet Cooper. He’s our top dog — Jason’s dog.

Next up is Chubbs. According to Clay, his owner, “Chubbs thinks he’s just another human in the family — probably because we treat him that way.”

Meet Ebbie. She is a black wire haired Scottie/Daschund mix. She’s a little shy but a lot adorable. Ebbie’s human is Brad, and we like him pretty well, too.

Meet Beau. He is awesome. And so is his owner, Leslie.

Heading off the second row is Luna. She belongs to Stuckey. You can find her in the developer’s office from time to time. She loves everyone and will greet you with lots of kisses. Can’t get enough? Neither can we. You can follow her on Instagram here @loonylunabelle.

Meet Berrie and T-Bone. According to Audra, Berrie is spoiled rotten and loves to cuddle. And always has her toy in her mouth. T-Bone is an office favorite. You can find him bundled up snoozing most of the time. He’s super chill and loves everyone he meets. As long as you’re a human. Other dogs, not so much.

Rounding out our list, Ramsey and Champ here belong to Michele. She describes Ramsey as a soft, loving teddy bear, and Champ as loud and obnoxious, but also very loving.

Do Dah Day has raised more than 1.5 million dollars for various charities and organizations since it began back in 1979. The celebration begins at 11:01 a.m. with a parade along Highland Avenue followed by festivities in the park. Learn more here.


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