Resizing an Image in WordPress: A How-To Guide

Want to learn how to resize an image in WordPress, choose a size for the image on your website or blog or upload a photo into WordPress? We’ve got you covered!

My Faves from WordCamp Atlanta 2016

We love learning more about WordPress at WordCamp, and we really appreciate when companies and speakers use a little creativity and take their marketing and presentations to the next level. Here’s what caught our attention at WordCamp Atlanta 2016.

Finish Strong: Why Major Companies Choose WordPress

Building a website is a big undertaking that requires big trust, so choosing a company that uses secure CMS like WordPress makes a huge difference in your success. See why WordPress is the choice of companies like Forbes, Best Buy, The New York Times, and Infomedia!

Why Does My Blog Look Different?! What’s New In WordPress 4.3

WordPress recently updated, and you might have noticed some changes to your site. It can be frustrating when the backend of your site suddenly changes, but many of these changes are great for security and for your business. We walk you through what’s new in today’s blog.

Using Treehouse As a Tool to Better Web Development

We stay at the top of the game with coding and web development using Treehouse as a training tool — it’s great for experienced programmers who want to learn more, and anyone new to coding, or anyone who wants to get started, can use it too.

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