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These ARE the Droids You’re Looking for: Our Favorite Google Apps

Our phones and tablets have some pretty fantastic features to help us go about our business. We know iPhones get a lot of love on Apps lists, so we wanted to set up a list of our favorites for Droid. Behold: These are the Droids you’re looking for!

Avoid the Maddening Crowd: Shop Black Friday 2015 without Leaving Your House!

So, what’s a girl to do when you still want the Black Friday deals but don’t want to fight the crowds? You get tech savvy! Did you know you can do all of your Black Friday shopping online, sometimes even earlier than when the stores open? And there are apps and sites that help you do just that. Below is a list of resources to help you save money and get all the deals without ever having to step foot in a store.

Using Treehouse As a Tool to Better Web Development

We stay at the top of the game with coding and web development using Treehouse as a training tool — it’s great for experienced programmers who want to learn more, and anyone new to coding, or anyone who wants to get started, can use it too.

Google Drive, the RAM Eater: Are Shared Files Slowing Down Your Computer?

We love using Google Drive, but its best features have a bit of a dark side: Syncing lots of files from lots of different users doesn’t always make for a happy computer, and a few of us have noticed that Google Drive is slowing our computers down and sucking up battery life. The good news? There’s a solution: A few simple changes have made it possible for us to use Google Drive as much as ever without sacrificing RAM or battery life.

Gmail Saves the Day…With Unsend Options

Your chest tightens as you feel your pulse move into your throat, while the sweat beads across your forehead. You stare frozen in panic, your finger hovering above your mouse. “Your message has been sent” hangs at the top of your screen. The email you meant to send to your good friend down the hall…
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