Website Health

Updating Your Website for the NEW New Normal

You probably updated your website at the beginning of the pandemic, but have you given it another look? Lots has changed in the past year, and it’s more important than ever to keep your customers informed. Start with your website — double check to make sure all of your information is accurate and make sure you’re providing the best possible user experience for everyone that visits your site.

Microsoft to Phase Out Internet Explorer

For quite some time now, Microsoft has been phasing out the use of Internet Explorer as a web browser. If you’re still using Internet Explorer, we understand — it can be hard, and even costly, to make a major change, especially when it impacts your entire company. But, with Microsoft drawing a line in the sand, it’s clear that it will only get harder and harder to use Internet Explorer.

Our 5 Favorite Remote Work Tools

Because of COVID-19, many companies have transitioned to remote work — and it happened quickly and without much warning.

3 Ways Google Analytics Can Help You Track Performance

The key to making Google Analytics work for you is being able to translate the data points into answers to questions you really want to know about your customers. Graphs and charts aren’t helpful unless you can turn them into useful action steps.

Perfect Business Books for Quarantine Reading

Admittedly, I’m very weird in many ways. First off, my wife and I have five children. Weird. Also, I’m a pretty big (very big) Star Wars fan. Weirder. I genuinely think D&D and Pokemon are just as engaging and valuable to the human experience as football or baseball. Straight up nerdy.

Be the Star of Your Conference Call with 10 Pro Tips for Remote Meetings

Since more and more Americans are being quarantined, many of us have been plunged into the world of working remote when we weren’t expecting it. One reality for many of us when it comes to remote working is video conferencing — being in remote meetings over Google Hangouts, Zoom, Go to Meeting or Slack Video Conferencing.

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