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Birmingham FEAST Puts a New Spin on Microgrants

There’s a new team supporting dreamers on a quest to launch innovative projects, and it’s called Birmingham FEAST. Teams or individuals get together to pitch their project ideas, and then a group gathers at the FEAST supper to vote on the ideas presented. Whichever project is chosen that night gets a $5,000 grant to make it happen.

Our Local Copywriter Is Kickstarting a Book!

We’ve talked several times about the crowd-funding site Kickstarter and how we think it’s a great way to help finance new businesses. But this time, it’s one particular Kickstarter campaign that has our hearts: Our very own copywriter, Carrie Rollwagen, has created a video to help fund her new book, The Localist. Carrie’s non-fiction book […]

Don’t Feel Like Blogging? Hire a Ghost.

  I’ve been an advertising professional and a motivational speaker. I’ve been a potter and a wedding coordinator. I’ve been a CEO and a lawyer and a musician and graphic designer. It’s not because I’m a secret agent or anything (although that would be pretty rad). It’s because I’m a ghostwriter, and that means it’s […]