5 Types of Videos That Should Be on Your Business Website

Video has become one of the most popular media forms around. Many users would prefer to watch, instead of read, about your business. And that means that making videos should be a priority when it comes to marketing your brand.

What to Expect from Your Website Photographer

A photo alone can’t rescue bad web design, but a good photo can make your web design even more appealing. Here’s how to help your photographer help you.

10 Free Stock Photo Sites That Make Life Easier

While we at Infomedia encourage our clients to use their own photography whenever possible, there comes a time when stock photography is the way to go, and let’s face it — finding images for your website can be a hassle. With so many resources flooding the internet every day, it’s vital that the images you choose for your site don’t come with strings attached that could lead to copyright infringement fines.

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