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Take Great July 4 Photos with Just Your Phone

Want to take great 4th of July pics with just your phone? You don’t need a fancy camera to take great pictures of fireworks, picnics or even to spell out words with a sparkler. With a few tips, you can capture that summertime feeling without a professional camera.

We’re Celebrating our Office Dogs for Doo Dah Day!

If you have ever been to our offices here at Infomedia, it’s very likely that you have seen or met one of our furry friends. Take a “paws” from your day and meet our four-legged team!

Happy Star Wars Day from Infomedia!

Each year, Star Wars fans celebrate May the Fourth as a holiday because a play on words turns the saying “May the Force Be with You” into “May the Fourth Be with You.”

Birmingham Beer Tasting: A St. Patrick’s Day Guide

Brewing in Birmingham has really grown over the past few years. Once the Free the Hops legislation passed and selling high-gravity beers in Alabama became legal, several breweries started perfecting their craft — and we’re happy to say that now some of our favorite beers are brewed right here at home.

Happy Pi Day from the Math Nerds at Infomedia!

Happy Pi Day! Sure, Pi Day is technically a day celebrating the mathematical constant Pi — because Pi = 3.14, and March fourteenth is 3.14 — but we like to have a little fun and bring in pi-themed food like pizza and pie.

Happy Random Acts of Kindness Day!

Happy Random Acts of Kindness Day! There are a lot of Internet holidays, but we thought this sounded like a particularly great one. Need some ideas for how to celebrate? Check out our Random Acts of Kindness Generator to get a few ideas for how to brighten someone’s day around the office. Or read on for ideas from the web designers and developers of Infomedia!

Infomedia Goes Red

Did you know that heart disease and stroke are the leading killer of American women? (Now you do.) Read on for five ways to improve your overall health and minimize your risk of developing life-threatening diseases.

Opposite Day: Infomedia’s President Answers Support Phone Calls

Today is Opposite Day (it’s a real thing — kind of — you can Google it), and we thought it would be fun to turn the tables here at Infomedia. So we grabbed our company president, Jason Lovoy, and asked him to take a turn at the phone lines answering calls from customers.

We’ll See You in 2017!

Infomedia is taking our Christmas break from Friday, December 23 through Tuesday, January 3 so our staff can enjoy the time with family. Thanks so much to all our clients for a great year, and we hope you all have a happy holiday!

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