Category: Client Stories

The Taste of Success: Coca-Cola United Bottling Company Expands Their Footprint

There’s a common expression that says you can’t bottle success — but after watching all the good things happening to Coca-Cola United Bottling Company, I’m not so sure. This Birmingham-based business is a client of ours, and we’ve loved working with them and creating a site that works for their bottling plants. Now that site is poised to get a lot more traffic, because United is expanding their bottling operations to Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

Stand-up Comedy & Knock-Knock Jokes: 6 Tips for Better Product Copywriting

When it comes to copywriting, being funny and relatable can go a long way. Our copywriter breaks down 6 tips for better copy with examples from Taziki’s online menu: “It’s a good idea for companies to create copy with a personality. It makes them more relatable to customers, and it makes their products more memorable — if I can get you to laugh at a chicken salad joke, you’re more likely to remember the chicken salad. The key to making this strategy work, though, is to be sure the product information is clear; it doesn’t matter if your customers get the joke if they forget what the product is.”

Delicious AND Nutritious! Taziki's Earns REAL Certification

We’re excited to see our client Taziki’s listed as the first REAL Certified national franchise. The REAL Certification is kind of like a grading system for how healthy and fresh a restaurant is — it’s a national standard for foodservice nutrition and sustainability. When you see a restaurant with the REAL stamp of approval, you know that an independent organization has vetted them, and that terms like “healthy” and “made-from-scratch” are true and not just buzzwords.