Social Media Scavenger Hunt Spreads the Word for Cask + Drum

Cask + Drum, a music festival and tasting event, has added a scavenger hunt social media element to make the event even more interesting.

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A graphic for Cask and Drum on October eleventh

We love seeing great new local events happening in Birmingham. Cask + Drum, a music festival and tasting event, is one of our favorites, and we also love the way they’ve added a scavenger hunt social media element to make the event even more interesting.

We had so much fun at last year’s Cask + Drum show, and we’re looking forward to this year’s. New things like this happening in Birmingham are exciting and good for businesses in the city. And we’re always fans of businesses finding new ways to use social media — so we’re very impressed by the social media scavenger hunts Cask + Drum is running to help promote their festival.

To enter the scavenger hunts, all people have to do is take a selfie with one of the Cask + Drum promotional materials: print ads in Weld or B-Metro, in front of a Pepsi truck, or their TV commercial — whatever. Then the hunters just post their photos, tagging Cask + Drum, to enter to win VIP passes. The first scavenger hunt, for any ad material, was apparently a success, because they’re running a second scavenger hunt (focused on their TV ad) that ends today. Find more information on the Cask + Drum Facebook page.

This idea is pretty genius not only because it’s fun, but also because it gets more users following the event on social media and sharing it with their own fan groups. Chances are, most people who posted will keep following Cask + Drum after the contest is over, meaning they’re more likely to buy tickets if they haven’t already, and upgrade them if they’ve only bought base-level tickets. They’re also more likely to share event updates with their friends. It’s great to see such creative thinking surrounding social media shares.

What’s Cask + Drum all about? It’s a music festival that also has plenty more to offer, including both beer and wine tastings; you can buy Cask + Drum tickets here. You’ll see us there, plus bands like Girl Talk and Drive by Truckers, lots of chicken wings, football on TV in tents so we don’t miss our favorite games, and face painting and inflatables for kids (kids under 10 get in free). It all happens October 11, so head over to Cask + Drum to buy your tickets — or follow them on social media for the possibility of more chances to win.


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