Building a Website is a Partnership

There are a few essential items needed for any partnership to be successful: communication, trust, and respect.

In my last blog post, I talked about the need for collaboration on your Infomedia web development project and spoke about the plan we follow with you to ensure your project’s success.

Today I want to talk about the partnership that we enter into to make your company’s Digital Strategy a success.

Keys to a Successful Partnership

There are a few essential items needed for any partnership to be successful: communication, trust, and respect.


Our recommendation is to have a weekly status meeting with our clients during the production of their website or marketing campaign. Some of our clients elect to do this, while others do not. Whatever option you choose to take, we ask that you do take time each week (or each day if we are closer to launch time) to check on the project with your project manager and make sure that you are meeting the deadlines we agreed upon and also to hold us accountable for our goals.

A project can quickly move from green to red on our project status report from lack of communication. If we are unable to reach a client or their team for a sign off on a design, quality control review, or even a launch, valuable time and potential money can be lost.


Infomedia is a company that values its integrity highest among all of our core values.  We want you to trust us with building a digital strategy that will meet all of the goals you set forth at the beginning of your project. This trust we know is earned and we believe our actions and reputation will instill this in all of our clients.

Because of this mutual trust, we ask that you be open to our suggestions in all aspect of the project. Our team of designers, developers, and digital strategist are experts in their fields and can provide valuable insight on how we can best make your website reach its fullest potential. So be open, and trust that we are committed to your best interest.


In any partnership, both parties must respect the other. It is possible that at times we will disagree on the best course of action for your project, but we are committed to talking through all possible scenarios and come to an amicable agreement.

When working with any member of our team, we ask that you provide the same level of respect to them as you would anyone else you work or interact with on a daily basis and you can rest assured that our team will do the same.

Our commitment is to honor these three keys to a successful partnership and we request that our clients do the same. If we can do that, then your project will be a major success and we will have a happy and long term relationship.

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