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There’s an App for THAT?! Help Fight Breast Cancer with Life-Saving Mobile Apps

Did you know that there are Apps devoted solely to breast cancer? Whether you’ve been diagnosed recently, in remission for years, or just want to stay body-aware, there’s an App for it. As a tech company, we love learning about healthy uses for technology.

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October is all about Halloween and spooktacular candy, but in the last few years, October is also becoming just as known as Breast Cancer Awareness month. You can’t go anywhere this time of year without seeing that international symbol of awareness — the pink ribbon or the color pink.

While we’re all for creating awareness, we also know from research that the best way to beat this disease is through prevention and early detection. And, as a tech company, we’re always looking for ways in our everyday lives in which technology can help. Did you know that there are Apps devoted solely to breast cancer? Whether you’ve been diagnosed recently, have been in remission for years, or just want to stay body-aware, there’s an App for it.

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites.

For Prevention:


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Early Detection Plan: Breast Cancer

This App, developed by The National Breast Cancer Foundation, regularly provides consumer education to help stop the disease. Their App takes it one step further by making sure you’re breast-health aware in between doctor’s visits. The App reminds you to perform monthly breast exams and alerts you when to schedule your annual checkup or mammogram. It also educates the user about the signs and risk factors associated with breast cancer.

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Check Yourself!

The nonprofit Keep A Breast Foundation developed this App to teach you the most effective way to perform a self-breast exam while helping learn what is and isn’t normal for your own body. It also schedules an automatic monthly reminder at the same time.

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Your Man Reminder

Getting a regular reminder from a hot guy might be just the thing you need to perform your self exam. Your Man Reminder does just that! You can even send your friends personalized “Man-o-Gram” reminders and learn what signs and symptoms to look for and take down.

After Diagnosis:

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Beyond the Shock

Operated by The National Breast Cancer Foundation, Beyond The Shock helps cancer patients and family cope with the trauma of learning of a cancer diagnosis. This is the perfect resource for understanding your diagnosis by providing video tutorials, giving access to a user community that fields questions, and making resources available to help loved ones better understand the disease and its treatment.

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A cancer diagnosis is stressful enough. Managing everything that goes along with it just adds to that burden, so CareZone is there to help. CareZone helps you organize appointment schedules, important documents, and medications. There’s a feature for documenting symptoms and questions so you can remember what to ask your doctor at your next visit.


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Chemo Calendar App

If you are going through chemotherapy, then tracking your blood cell counts, symptoms and medications is critical for your treatment success. This Health Monitor Chemo Calendar captures and organizes all your information in one place. Reports can even be emailed directly to your doctors or caregivers.

These are just some of the many Apps out there devoted to breast cancer. Find the one that’s right for you, and share these Apps with your friends and family. They’ll help promote awareness of the disease, and they just might save a life.


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