The Content Tactic That’s Always Evergreen

Instead of pushing products, use branded content to tell a story and generate long-term loyalty.

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It’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the tips, tricks and recommendations on producing content. Fortunately, branded content is easy to implement, easy to stick to and always evergreen. If you invest your time and budget into building a brand your audience wants to follow, you’ll create lasting connections and partnerships that will steadily grow your sales.

What is branded content?

Simply put, branded content seeks to create conversation around your brand instead of trying to push products or generate sales.

What are the key elements of branded content?

It tells a story.

Every business has a unique story to tell. Your story includes details about your mission and values, employees, company history and the problems you’ve faced as well as how you have solved them. Your story should also feature personas of your target audience. If consumers can see themselves in your content, they are likely to engage with you and eventually become customers.

It appeals to emotions.

Consumers are inundated with messages about how one brand is better than the competition. How do you stand out from the racket? People frequently rely on emotions rather than facts to make purchase decisions. By publishing branded content that tells your company story, you can connect with your audience on a deeper emotional level.

It establishes you as a thought leader.

You know your industry better than anyone else. Use this expertise in your branded content to guide and influence your audience. This often means writing long-form editorial content backed with research. By defining your customers’ challenges and providing solutions for overcoming them, you will add credibility to your brand and allow your audience to get to know you.

It adds value.

When creating branded content, prioritize your audience’s needs first and foremost. Branded content should be something that your customers want to consume, meaning that it isn’t intrusive. It relies on the notion that your audience will seek it out voluntarily. Consider what questions or problems your customers have had in the past and craft content that provides solutions.

Engaging content that attracts and builds relationships with your audience is a powerful tool. When your audience consumes branded content, it engages with your company on a deep level. In turn, your audience will come to view this brand as part of your company’s identity. Want to create branded content but don’t know where to begin? Get in touch with us and let us know you’re interested in talking about copywriting; we’ll get in touch and start the conversation.


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