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We all have trouble blogging. It’s hard to come up with content, find writers, schedule posts and still make your content feel fresh and relevant. But at Infomedia, we’ve come up with some great strategies for successful blogging, and our new training video shares them with you.

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Here at Infomedia, getting our blog on track over the past few years has not been easy. First, we had trouble posting at all — it was tough to make the blog a priority when we were handling client projects. Then we were posting regularly, but we didn’t have much of a plan for what to cover. It seemed like holidays always snuck up on us, and we didn’t have a chance to write blogs about them. It took us so long to get our head around new releases that they weren’t new by the time we wrote about them. And each blog meeting felt like starting from scratch — we’d sit in a conference room looking at a blank Dry Erase board with no new ideas.

We worked out that whole posting regularly thing awhile ago, but this year, we started something new to keep blog ideas coming: We created monthly topical worksheets that drive our content. These worksheets aren’t strict — we can write about something off-topic if we want to — but they do help ensure we’re not starting from square one at every blog meeting, and they help us cover a variety of content. We’ve also unlocked some great tricks for setting a schedule and sticking to it.

One thing our clients ask about all the time is how to keep up with blog content, so we wanted to share our new strategies with you. I presented our worksheets and calendars at our April Lunch & Learn, but not everyone was able to attend, so I also recorded a webinar of the training: Be a Better Blogger: The Surprising Magic of Content Calendars. You can watch the training (and get a link to the slides) over at our Training Videos page — when you’re there, be sure to browse through the other topics as well; they’re all available to watch for free. I hope you enjoy them and are able to make your blogging more relevant and less stressful using our strategies.

Want to come to an Infomedia Lunch & Learn? Here’s a link to our 2017 Lunch & Learn schedule. Our May presentation is already sold out, but you’ll be able to catch it a few weeks after the live event as a webinar over on the Training Videos page!


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Carrie has been copyediting and writing for fifteen years. Her skills were forged in the newsroom at The Birmingham Post-Herald and she’s a huge book nerd (she moonlights as Southern Living’s book reviewer), but a love of paper and ink hasn’t stopped her from mastering the digital world as well: She’s had a blog pretty much since they existed, and she’s run social media for companies big and small. Carrie’s always ready to take on a new communication challenge, lecture us about the proper use of semicolons, or defend the fact that her Instagram account is filled with selfies.

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