Birmingham WordPress Meetups Mean Good Help (and Good Beer)

We love WordPress, which means the Birmingham WordPress Meetups are our favorite night of the month. No matter the skill level, we would love to meet you and enjoy some nerd conversation over a good beer!

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It takes a certain kind of person to actually enjoy being geeky about a Content Management System — and I’m that kind of person. Here at Infomedia, we’re a WordPress hosting company and website development company, and I’m Director of Client Services; that means I spend a lot of my day walking clients through working on their WordPress websites and helping them make updates and improvements. I enjoy helping people, and I really nerd out on a good organizational tool like WordPress, so I love this part of my job.

I love it so much, actually, that I do it after-hours, too — once a month, I join a bunch of other WordPress nerds at Pale Eddie’s downtown at our monthly Birmingham WordPress meetups. At these free events, we hang out and talk about what’s new with WordPress. But we also take time to help each other, and to help out anyone who’s having trouble with WordPress, or who’s stuck on one aspect of building their WordPress website. Want to join us? Here’s what to expect:

Birmingham WordPress Beginners — Rejoice!

Don’t know what you’re doing? That’s okay! We have WordPress trainers at-the-ready who are happy to help you get started or overcome a problem. If you’re having an issue, chances are good that we’ve been there before and we can help you get through it.

New to WordPress Meetups? Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Bring your computer: We’ll have our computers, and we can always pull your site up in a pinch. But it’s often easier to bring your own.
  • Know your login: Be sure to have your login credentials ready so we don’t spend all our time getting you logged in!
  • Come with questions: You’ll get the most out of the free support if you already have your questions written down.

That’s it for a basic blog or free site. If you’re wanting to have a dedicated site or your own URL, you’ll want to have your domain purchased already and walk through the initial setup as well.

WordPress Professionals and Heavy Users — We Are Your People

If you love geeking out about WordPress, this all might sound too basic for you — don’t worry, there’s plenty of time at meetups to geek out. A few volunteers help the newbies, and the rest of us spend time trading information about the latest updates and sharing our strategies and solutions. We sometimes have featured speakers or topics, and other times we just let the conversation develop, but I always learn a lot from our talented group of programmers and developers.

The meetups remind me of my favorite thing about WordPress — it’s great for any skill level, any business, and any person. We have young people and older people at meetups. We have men and women, professional developers and bloggers and hobbyists and everyone in between. We have fun together, and we learn a lot, too. If you’re interested in WordPress at all, check out our Birmingham WordPress Meetup listing. Please don’t be afraid to come say hi — check out Pale Eddies, buy yourself a beer (Buy us beers, too, if you want to!), and get some free advice on how to make your WordPress website better. You might just make some new friends, too.

But what if you think your problems are too much for a casual meetup? You can always give me a call at work — I’m happy to talk and help you decide if Infomedia is the WordPress solution for you or your business.

Pamela Sanderson

About Pamela

If Infomedia is a circus (and it can be, sometimes), Pam is our ringmaster: She runs the show, keeping us on-track when we clown around, calming the roar of incoming projects and effortlessly walking the tightrope of tricky technical details. Pam handles everything from client trainings to website trouble-shooting to scheduling, and it’s clear she has a passion for what she does, for her clients, and for each and every team member here at Infomedia. When she’s not saving the world website at a time, she’s probably reading, camping with her husband, or enjoying one of her guilty pleasures (ice, Chinese food and lemon bars).

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