Tune up Your Website at March’s Free Lunch & Learn!

Keep your site in shape with a spring makeover. We’ve got tips at our free Lunch & Learn March 16, 2017 at Innovation Depot in Birmingham, AL.

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With the 70-degree weather this week, it already feels like spring — here at Infomedia, we’re ready to “spring forward” into a season of new growth — not just in our environment, but in our office. It’s also a great time to consider spring cleaning for the second quarter. Don’t worry; you won’t need a mop or a broom, thank goodness. Just make plans to attend our March Lunch & Learn, Give Your Website a Tune Up: Simple Tips for Top Performance, presented by Infomedia developer Jonathan Walls.  Jonathan’s ready to share ways you can dust off the digital cobwebs and freshen up your site. Here’s what we’ll cover:

How to see if your website is loading quickly or slowing you down.

If visitors can cook dinner in the time it takes your site to load, there’s a problem. How do you make sure your website loads promptly? We’ll show you how.

How to be sure your images are working best for you.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We’ll show you how to put your site’s best foot forward with pictures that not only add visual interest but improve search engine optimization.

How to make your copy better for SEO.

Your website shouldn’t just look good; it should ensure that potential clients can find you quickly and then motivate them to purchase your products and services. We’ll discuss ways to make sure your copy aligns with these goals.

Free Lunch from Taziki’s & Networking Opportunities Galore

The free lunch we cater from Taziki’s is a big part of what makes Lunch & Learns a success — because it’s easier to justify spending your lunch break on professional enrichment if you know you’ll be able to actually enjoy a meal while you learn. And if you’re looking for a place to network in Birmingham, you’ve found it — most of our Lunch & Learn attendees work at up-and-coming businesses in the Birmingham area, and there’s plenty of time to mingle and chat before and after class.

Seats and lunch are limited, so click here to sign in and claim your free Infomedia Lunch & Learn ticket. (And if you can’t make it this month, check out our 2017 Lunch & Learn schedule for more chances, or tune in Live on Facebook.) Because if anyone tells you “there’s no such thing as a free lunch,” you’ll know they haven’t met us here at Infomedia.


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