Six Reasons Bloggers Should Attend WordCamp Bham

Are you a blogger in Birmingham looking for a quick way to make your blog better? WordCamp Bham 2016 has a great blogger track, and tickets are only $20.

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Maybe you’ve just started a blog. Or maybe you’ve been plugging away for several years. You’ve got your template up and a robust editorial calendar and you’ve got a handle on search engine optimization. But have you really covered all your bases? Here are six questions bloggers and WordPress power users need to consider:

  • What will you do if your website suddenly ceases to operate?
  • What can you do to counteract hackers?
  • Can you find and fix any bugs on your site — even if you’re on a budget?
  • How do you build out a Framework to build sites faster?
  • Why should you think strategically when making design decisions?
  • Where in the world are you going to come up with content to post consistently?


Is your head spinning? Take a breath: WordCamp has a full schedule of speakers who will address these questions and more on Saturday, October 29. Your $20 ticket gets you admission to the Blogger/Power Users Track and access to six professionals with a variety of expertise, who will be ready to tackle these questions and more, with tangible takeaways to benefit your WordPress website.

Here’s what’s in store:

In Case of Zombies… Creating a Disaster Action Plan *Before* You Need It

Speaker: Kate Newbill

If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready. Kate will help you develop an easy plan of attack to head off common website issues (not limited to the zombie apocalypse).

Beginner WordPress Security

Speaker: Gerroald Barron

Gerroald will share more tips on improving WordPress security, and you don’t have to be a techie or coder to apply his recommendations on maintaining backups and updating your software.

Usability Testing Workshop – Make Your Site Better in 30 Minutes

Speaker: George Childs

Short on time and money? If you’ve got half an hour, you can implement George’s  simple fixes to improve your website’s user experience. George’s fun and interactive session is for all skill levels.

Frameworks for Freelancers — Double Time IT!

Speaker: Shelly Peacock

Shelly’s session will help you better understand the benefits of four different Frameworks, and send you off with a resource list for future reference.

Strategic Design: How Information Can Drive your Design Decisions to Success

Speaker: Sara Cannon

Strategy and creativity can play in the same sandbox. Sara’s session will help you use data to design your site, and measure how successful your efforts have been.

Write 30 Posts in 30 Days without Hurting Yourself

Speaker: Kathryn Lang

Having consistent content on your website will help you build a loyal audience. Kathryn’s session will show you how to craft an editorial calendar, templates, and set a writing goal.

WordCamp kicks off this Saturday, October 29 at the Harbert Center. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to learn tips and tricks that you can immediately implement on your website. Pick up your WordCamp tickets here. 


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