Keep Your Customer in Mind With Website Design

What’s more important – making a website that appeals to you or designing one that appeals to your customers?

What’s more important – making a website that appeals to you or designing one that appeals to your customers? That question answers itself. Designing your website for your customers means making your website user-friendly. The layout should be attractive. Content should use your customer’s vocabulary. Your news posts and blog should be interesting to your customers and relevant to them. Navigating from one webpage to another on your site should be as easy as possible. What about using your favorite type fonts and colors? Certainly, if they are easy to read. Keep your customer in mind throughout the design.

The layout guides the visitor. Content first seen directs the visitor to the next item and so on. Tell your story in a logical way. Avoid the temptation to give your visitor too much information all at once; sensory overload can drive a customer away. Avoid adding extraneous details that really don’t matter to your site visitor. What you believe is important might not be for the customer. Think about the most common questions that customers want answered. Then, write content that answers those questions.

Who is your typical customer? If they are college professors, content will be written one way. If they are stay-at-home parents with small children, content will be dramatically different. How do you talk to a typical customer? What produces the best results when you deal with customers one-on-one? All those considerations should inform how you write content and design the website.

News posts and blog should be both interesting and relevant to your customers. Frequent site updates are extremely important for SEO, and use of keywords is vital. But your customers’ time is also valuable. They will not waste it coming back to your site if they do not get something of value.

Take a good, objective look at your website from your customer’s point of view. Then, you will be in a superb position to rewrite and redesign your site to be as attractive, informative and valuable to visitors as possible. Keeping your customer in mind means your customer will continue visiting your website frequently.

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