How to Avoid Digital “Analysis Paralysis”

Managing your website's performance may feel like a constant battle, but regular metrics analysis is key to internet relevance.

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Knowledge may be power in the age of intersecting technology and information, but it can be a double-edged sword. How do you know when you’re doing enough, and when you’re doing far too much analysis?

Be Realistic

If you’re just getting started altogether, if you’ve revised your existing social media strategy or website, or if you’re coming back to your site after months of inactivity, your initial analysis may reflect low levels of engagement. Don’t be dismayed. Be honest about the amount of effort you put in previously and what you can reasonably accomplish to make improvements. Remember that where you are now is simply a starting point. Use whatever you can gauge from the metrics that are reflected, and use them to refine your plan.

Just as having not enough information can cause stress, so can having too much. While analytics may reveal a ton about what you’re doing well (or not), you can’t implement a million new processes at once and hope to be effective. So choose a few that feel within reach.

Be Patient

Progress takes effort. Over time and with diligence, you may see an uptick in your content’s views, likes, comments or shares. Everyone wants to go viral, but consistent work is what will help you achieve results your brand, business or blog can maintain in the long term. Remember, a watched pot never boils. Put your strategy to work without stressing about how many likes or shares individual content receives.

Celebrate the Small Wins

Getting a response from your audience isn’t a given. Sometimes we can get so focused on the end result that we forget to enjoy the process. When a client, prospect or follower engages with your website or social media channel, let them know you appreciate it.  Thank them directly, or share some of their content. And when you reach a milestone, or receive a particularly high level of engagement on a post or page, celebrate it! (Then reflect on what may have led to its success, to see where you can replicate it in your strategy.)

Stressing out about your social media standing or website metrics? Relax. Use your numbers as a map that offers insight into tweaks you can make, or trends you can can plan for —  not a lottery ticket to a jackpot.  Successfully managing a website and social media presence that consistently informs, entertains and engages with an audience is a skill that takes time. There are no quick fixes, and gimmicks generally wind up being just that.


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