Author: Valerie Powell

Valerie is a self-proclaimed word nerd, with a passion for the English language. She can not only dot the I's and cross the T's, but can also tell you what big words mean (and even use them in a sentence). She uses her communication skills to build strong relationships with current and potential clients – and usually does so while sitting underneath a blanket, sipping hot tea. When she's not working, she's probably cleaning and organizing everything – yes, everything, probably even your house.

Beat The Blues On Blue Monday

Word on the web these days is that Blue Monday is today, January 18th. What’s Blue Monday you say? We asked the same thing. It’s supposedly the most depressing day of the year because you probably have already failed your New Years Resolutions, all of your Christmas bills have come due and the weather is dreadful. But have no fear! We have the solutions so that your Blue Monday is bursting with yellow happies, bright sunshine, little singing birds, and unicorns running through bright green meadows. Here. We. Go.

2016 Techies: Who’s Going Home With the Gold?

Award show season is upon us! The Golden Globes were last weekend, the Grammys are on Feb 15th, the Academy Awards debut at the end of February on the 28th, and Birmingham’s local award show, the Addys, are just around the corner on February 26th. Without any mention of another awarding of an Alabama National Championship, we thought we […]

Coach Infomedia: Get Fit For 2016

The new year is here, so it’s out with the old and in with the new! It’s the time when everyone sits cozied up on those first few chilly mornings of January and plans out how they anticipate the year to go. It’s the week of reflection, of strategy, resolution, and of reinvention. But while you’re making plans to eat better, get out more, and to talk to Aunt Marge a little more often this year, don’t let your website fall off the list of things to shape up this year! We can assure you that your site won’t run around the proverbial Google block all by itself.

Naughty or Nice: See What Tops the List This Year for Tech

In two short days Santa will make his annual Christmas rounds and our homes will be filled with holy jollies and sweet smiles from the magic of Christmas. Santa’s been watching all year. By this point, he’s checked his list at least twice and he definitely knows who’s naughty and who’s nice. And we’ll have […]

Ensure a “W” For Your Website Using Saban’s Playbook

Sir Nicholas Saban knows what he’s doing as a coach. He’s had top recruiting classes for years, his team nearly always takes the SEC Championship (or plays in it at the very least), his team is disciplined, his players work hard at every practice and play hard in every game, and his tactics seem to be perfected — and we think you can take a few plays out of Saban’s playbook and come up with some great new techniques for your website.

Spooks, Kooks, and Hilarious Costumes – Halloween 2015

We know it’s a day early, but since we aren’t in the office on Saturdays we all dressed up for some super snazzy Halloween shenanigans today! The competition was fierce, and the judges deliberated longer than any other year before (which is how you know the costumes were extra awesome this year.) We had individual […]

October Lunch & Learn Registration is Open!

Join us back to Innovation Depot for our October Lunch & Learn! On October 20th from 11:30am-1:00pm we will be talking social strategy and sharing our best knowledge to help you take another step forward in the social media realm. Hosted by Infomedia and Uptick Marketing, our presentation by Carrie Rollwagen titled Social Media: Strategy Is The Key To Success will […]

October in Birmingham…THINK PINK!

October is breast cancer awareness month! For many years, a diagnosis of breast cancer meant 4 out of 5 of those women would lose their battle, but with dedicated community involvement, passionate friends and families, and strategic fundraising, available treatments now mean that a diagnosis of breast cancer means that 4 out of 5 women WIN their battle and can tell their stories as survivors.

Happy Father’s Day

Dads are special! When you’re a little girl, he’s the one who slays the monsters under the beds and gives the best advice when you start dating some new bozo in high school. He’s the one that gives you away at your wedding and the one that provides the hugs that make all your fears melt […]

Local Optimization and Review Management stroll hand-in-hand

  Local Optimization and Review Management stroll hand-in-hand in assuring that the right information is provided when people go searching. It’s the face of your business or organization just as much as your branding is…and that’s a big deal. Please join Infomedia and Uptick Marketing for a free Lunch & Learn at Innovation Depot for a presentation […]

Let us teach you about Responsive Design

  Responsive design has been one of the biggest buzz words for 2015 and we’re about to teach you why. If it wasn’t for phones being so smart, we might not have to, but we insist that you’re prepared and that your site can be the best it can be. Please join Infomedia and Uptick Marketing […]

Happy Mother’s Day!

As we all know, yesterday was Mother’s Day! A day of the year that provides us an extra opportunity to celebrate those that so lovingly brought us into the world, raised us until it was time to spread our wings,  and then encouraged us to take flight and find our own way. We celebrate those that stood in […]

Responsive Design: The “Do or Die” of the Web in 2015

When Google makes an announcement, you need to pay attention! Google has given webmasters over a month’s notice to follow their new guidelines for mobile friendliness.  They announced that on April, 21 (which is next Tuesday) that mobile search engine results will weigh more heavily on your site being mobile friendly. This means that your site NEEDS […]

Analytics 101: 10 thing you need to know in 2015

It’s almost that time again! It’s time to learn some new tips and tricks about your website as well as improving your web presence. We are so excited to invite you back to Innovation Depot for our April Lunch & Learn on April 28th from 11:30am-1:00pm hosted by Infomedia and Uptick Marketing. In our presentation titled Analytics 101: 10 […]

St. Paddy’s Day Shennanigans

Fun fact… the term “Infomedians” actually refers to a group of Irish web developers from the Birmingham region of Alabama. Because of this, we Infomedians had a blast celebrating all things Irish and green today. It’s St. Patrick’s Day after all! We even had green shirts made with lucky four leaf clovers on them to show our […]

Lunch & Learns Are Back!

As many of you may remember, Infomedia Lunch & Learns used to be a regular thing around here. We’ve taken a little hiatus, but now we’re all rested up and ready to teach you everything we know! Well, maybe not everything, but we’re definitely going to equip you with every bit of knowledge we can impart on you so that you, your site, and your organization are ready to tackle the future and all of the new and exciting trends happening in the technology industry.

On March 18th from 11:30-1:00 Infomedia & Uptick Marketing will be hosting a Lunch & Learn at Innovation Depot. We want to cordially invite you to join us! Take a few minutes and read through the following details, sign up, and we’ll see you soon!