Tyler Merrels

Tyler belongs to the Coach Eric Taylor school of programming: “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose.” That dedication and passion for our clients, plus Tyler’s love of problem solving and teamwork, makes him perfect for us here at Infomedia. At work in his New Bern, North Carolina office, Tyler’s likely to have Podcast Republic on his headphones and a snack of baby carrots and siracha close at hand. When he’s not solving client problems, Tyler’s probably catching up on classics like Tommy Boy, Star Wars, Back to the Future, Indian Jones or The Simpsons. He loves hanging out with his wife, Natalie, their cat, Wilhelmina, and their dogs, Bo and Holly.

Spooky Password Horror Stories for Friday the 13th

Want to learn how to take the next step in personal and web security? Need a refresher on the very best practices for passwords? These scary password stories remind us why web security is important. Our password best practices can help.

Still in the Mood for a Good Hunt? We’re Loving These Hidden Google Easter Eggs

“Easter Egg” is a term for a fun surprise that a developer has added to code in hopes that the user gets a little laugh when they stumble across it. Don’t want to wait to discover Internet Easter Eggs by accident? Here are a few of our favorites (some of these might work best if you’re using the Google Chrome browser).

Why Does My Blog Look Different?! What’s New In WordPress 4.3

WordPress recently updated, and you might have noticed some changes to your site. It can be frustrating when the backend of your site suddenly changes, but many of these changes are great for security and for your business. We walk you through what’s new in today’s blog.

Using Treehouse As a Tool to Better Web Development

We stay at the top of the game with coding and web development using Treehouse as a training tool — it’s great for experienced programmers who want to learn more, and anyone new to coding, or anyone who wants to get started, can use it too.

How We’re Keeping Cool This Summer

It’s here again, the most wonderful time of the year if you’re an ice-cream man or a gnat. The rest of us are miserable and picturing how we’d look if we buzzed all our hair off. Even the women. With that in mind, here are the four ways we’re beating the heat this summer. 1)…
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Why We’re So Gosh Darn Happy

A few days ago I was browsing Fortune.com, checking out the point indexes on my mutual stocks and chatting with my financial advisor, Ira Roth. Or trying to anyway. I get the feeling he doesn’t respect me as much as his clients 59.5 and older. It was there that I came across the following article:…
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Troubleshooting 101 – Update Your Browser

Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. – Dr. Suess Updating your browser may sound simple but some of the most complicated issues we see in Support often have the simplest fixes. All of a sudden, a site looks like it was designed by a moderately-intelligent ape from the 90s, we change…
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The 6 Januariest Things You Can Do With Your Site This, Uh, January

So January is kind of a bland and boring month. If it was a person it’d be Charlie Brown, if he was first magically transformed from a cartoon to a human. Kind of a waste of magic, but whatever.

There isn’t one huge, overarching theme to the month like Christmas for December or my birthday for February (the 15th, save gift ideas for the comment section). On the one hand, that makes it difficult to write a cohesive post for the month. On the other hand, deadlines exist. So here are the most relevant things you can do with your website before the Tyler’s Birthday Season rush starts next month.

A Tech Office Christmas Party

Everyone has seen the stereotypical “office Christmas party” in a movie or television show, a drunken yuletide celebration of the year coming to a close. However, things look a little different when you’re a festive fly on the wall of a tech company’s party …

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