Mary Katherine Bushnell

A born organizer and go-getter, Mary Katherine is a wizard when it comes to deciphering scheduling apps and puzzling our complicated schedules together so projects get done right — and right on time. She can coorelate, catalog and coordinate with the best of them, and her experience as a web designer and forays into the world of SEO mean she can come in with the assist on projects big and small. Mary Katherine worked in theater in New York City before coming to Infomedia; if all the world’s a stage, we’re glad she’s shined her spotlight back in Birmingham.

Here’s a Message from Your Future Self: Guard Your Data with Secure Forms

With many businesses now operating remotely for the first time ever, you’ve probably discovered that there are upsides and downsides to telecommuting. One positive of remote work is location flexibility, but this comes with its own set of risks for both you and your customers.

Need to Break through Writer’s Block? Try a Technique Called “Free Writing”

Be honest: In this age of content-creation, there’s an overwhelming urge to constantly produce new material. For some, written communication comes easy. These people always seem to know how to speak to their audience and generate traffic. How do people who aren’t natural writers suppose to compete? What if you just have nothing to say?!

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