Katie Kelly

Katie loves creating and maintaining relationships, and her warm attitude — plus her ninja-like talent for scheduling and multi-tasking — makes her perfect for our client services team. You can always tell she’s smiling, even when she’s on the phone (even over email, which we can’t figure out), and when she meets you in person, she’ll probably give you a hug. She loves celebrating birthdays and she’s serious about chocolate chip cookies, but her real passion is her family — hanging out with her three kids is Katie’s favorite thing ever, and she sings in a band (Red Harp) with her husband, Garret.

Take Great July 4 Photos with Just Your Phone

Want to take great 4th of July pics with just your phone? You don’t need a fancy camera to take great pictures of fireworks, picnics or even to spell out words with a sparkler. With a few tips, you can capture that summertime feeling without a professional camera.

We’re Celebrating our Office Dogs for Doo Dah Day!

If you have ever been to our offices here at Infomedia, it’s very likely that you have seen or met one of our furry friends. Take a “paws” from your day and meet our four-legged team!

Happy Pi Day from the Math Nerds at Infomedia!

Happy Pi Day! Sure, Pi Day is technically a day celebrating the mathematical constant Pi — because Pi = 3.14, and March fourteenth is 3.14 — but we like to have a little fun and bring in pi-themed food like pizza and pie.

Looking for a Last-Minute Valentine? We’ve Got You Covered!

At Infomedia, we love our clients — and they do it all, from making donuts (like The Heavenly Donut Co.) to engineering complicated machinery (like Louis Allis). We design sites for non-profits, municipalities, financial organizations and companies big and small … and we love learning about the incredible products our partners are creating.

An Infomedia Office Christmas Party: A Poem of Good Cheer

Last week, on the eve of the Rogue One release, we celebrated with our annual Infomedia Christmas party. Each year, we get together with lots of good food and drink. We also hold an epic Dirty Santa gift exchange — the only rules are that gifts must come from the thrift store, which results in some very interesting choices. We asked Katie to write a little poem about this year’s party.

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