David Hickox

Death of the Desktop

What we’ve always referred to as the PC is dead. The future of the web is everywhere and all around us, in devices both small and large.

Infomedia Invades the Addys

Infomedia was a gold sponsor for the 54th annual Birmingham Addys, held February 2nd.

The Age of Impulse

You may not be the next Groupon, but that shouldn’t discourage you from learning from their successes and incorporating them into your business.

Lunch and Learn Recap: This Old Site

If your web presence is the same as it always was, it might be a good idea to look around and notice how much has changed.

When SEO Attacks!

“If you SEO it, they will come.” But what happens if they come and you haven’t built anything they’d want to use? Are you building your site for robots or for humans?

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