Make Your Website a Winner with Auburn’s Timely Plays

Quote from Shug Jordan with Auburn football stadium in the background

They say, in the South, everything revolves around football. I don’t know about that, but I know there’s a lot we can learn about life — and business — from what happens on the field. It’s no secret that I’m a huge Auburn Tigers fan (just check out the multiple Aubie statues in my office), and I’ll always cheer for the boys in orange and blue, even during difficult games. Whether or not you agree with the offensive philosophy this season, Auburn does have a general offensive plan: It’s aimed at winning the line of scrimmage with a sound rushing attack with a good mixture of power and misdirection. Call me crazy, but I think this plan can translate to your digital strategy as well. Read on for how I think Auburn plays can make you a winner (and check out the videos to relive a few of my favorite moments from this season):

The Auburn Play: Hide the Little Man/Fumblerooski

The Website Lesson: Have a Plan

Against Texas A&M, Auburn was faced with a 1st and 25 after a penalty. Coach Gus Malzahn said that they decided that if they were faced with anything over 10 yards on first down, they were going to use the Fumblerooski Play — where a small, quick athlete hides behind the offensive line and then goes against the grain of the play. The play worked, and they got the first down.

How this translates to your digital strategy: Your website and digital strategy can’t be haphazard. You have to have a plan and purpose behind the execution. If Auburn failed to plan for this situation, the results might have been pretty scary. Likewise, failure to plan and execute on your digital strategy can provide scary results for your business. It might mean lost business, missed opportunities or a lack of understanding your value proposition.


The Auburn Play: Statue of Liberty

The Website Lesson: Get the Ball in the Hands of Your Company’s Playmakers

*skip ahead to the 30 second mark
Another staple of Malzahn’s offense is getting the football in the hands of their best players. He knows he has to get the ball in their hands in order to move the chains and/or the score.

How this translates to your digital strategy: You might have an ace sales team, but if you aren’t using your website to generate leads for them, that’s akin to asking Ricardo Louis to score a touchdown without the football. A website that generates good leads gives your sales team something to work with, and they’re more likely to put up the numbers you’re looking for. With a proper strategy, generating relevant leads can truly grow your bottom line.


The Auburn Play: Fumble Return for TD

The Website Lesson: Take Advantage of Competitor Mistakes

Against Louisville, Auburn had a one-score lead with Louisville looking to tie things up. When the Cardinals made a mistake in the red zone, however, Auburn took advantage of the situation by returning a fumble for a touchdown.

How this translates to your digital strategy: Are your competitors dropping the ball with their website, search engine optimization or social media strategy? By taking charge of yours, you can distinguish yourselves from your competition and give prospects a reason to reach out to you versus them.


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