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Are Our Clients Happy?

Because of the success of our internal Happiness Reviews, we thought “Why not ask our clients how happy they are?”

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Over the last two quarters I have surveyed the team members here at Infomedia to check in on their overall happiness at work. (I talked more about why I am doing this on my personal blog if you are interested in the reasoning.) The results this past quarter were improvements on the overall mood of all team members but I was also able to identify a few issues that we can improve on. These issues range from better communication to removing the community printer from someone’s office. All of these changes have been reviewed by everyone and a game plan put together on addressing our issues.

Because of the success of these Happiness Reviews internally, we thought “Why not ask our clients how happy they are?” We strive to provide a fantastic working environment for our team members and provide the best quality of service to all of our clients. We ask quarterly for all of our team members to review how happy they are and we need to start asking our clients for the same.

Feature Image courtesy of Flickr User Evilcabeza

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