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Infomedia Takes Home Two AAF Ten Awards

Infomedia wins two 2016 AAF Birmingham Ten awards: one for Pam Sanderson, winner for Account Services, and one for Jason Lovoy, Business Leader of the Year.

Pam and Jason celebrate their awards at aaf birmingham

This week, the unsung heroes of the Birmingham advertising community finally got their turn in the spotlight thanks to AAF Birmingham’s Ten Awards, and we’re so happy to report that the Infomedia team brought home two awards: one for Pam Sanderson, winner of the Account Services award, and one for Jason Lovoy, our own fearless leader, who took home the Business Leader of the Year Award.

In every company, there are people who get a lot of credit and praise, and there are people who actually work hard behind the scenes making sure everything gets done, even when those things are difficult or boring. These are the people who stay late and come in early, who skip lunches when they have to but are the first to pick up lunch for someone else, who do whatever it takes to be sure the clients are happy and the staff has the best resources available to do their jobs well.

Unfortunately, these jobs aren’t always glamorous, and sometimes the people who work the hardest are the least likely to get credit. But this week, that all changed when AAF Birmingham presented the 10 awards, designed to highlight people who are integral to the success of their companies but don’t always get the recognition they deserve.

We’re so happy for Pam and Jason, and we agree that they both definitely deserve this honor — in fact, nominations came directly from staff, so our praise is completely genuine. Here’s a breakdown of what AAF Birmingham looked for in award winners, and how our staff says Jason and Pam stack up:

Pam Sanderson wins AAF Ten Awards’ Account Services Prize:

The Account Services Award is for those who know how to make it happen. Account executives, sales representatives, project managers, business owners, public relations executives, media planners, production/traffic managers. Account service is the art of making projects run smoothly and the magic of making it all invisible. The Account Services Award recognizes a great artist and magician.

What Infomedia’s Staff Says about Pam:

Pam Sanderson is a master problem-solver. Whenever a customer or client comes to her with a problem, Pam is eager to help, and clients love her for it. She’s a huge part of the fact that Infomedia has such a high retention rate for clients, and she’s a big part of what makes our office run smoothly. Pam is a champion for Infomedia, and for each one of her clients.”

Jason Lovoy wins AAF Ten Awards’ Business Leader of the Year:

The Business Leader of the Year Awards is for those who make it all possible. The advertising business relies on advertising businesses. The Business Leader of the Year Award recognizes a business leader or entrepreneur who has the greatest impact on the Birmingham advertising community and the field as a whole.

What Infomedia’s Staff Says about Jason:

Jason Lovoy is the best boss I’ve ever had. He’s always willing to hear out our ideas and give us the tools we need to do the best jobs for clients. He says ‘yes’ unless there’s a valid reason to say ‘no,’ and that attitude of giving us what we need to improve our process results in better websites for clients and a happier work environment for all of us.”

Thanks to Jason and Pam for all they do, and thanks to AAF Birmingham for helping us let them know how much we appreciate it!


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