January 2019 Web Resolutions: 10 Ways to Refresh Your Website

Now that the champagne and sparklers are put away, resolution season has begun — but why limit the makeover to the kitchen and gym when your website could use a reboot, too?

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Sometimes, a total website redesign is the only way to bring a website up-to-date. But in many cases, making a few key changes to an existing website is enough to make a website you can be proud of — a site that could increase your leads and revenue. Want to make your website better in 2019? Here are a few resolution ideas to get you started:

Give Your Site a Facelift with New Photos

Photography has such a huge impact on the look and feel of your site — it’s a quick way to make a big change. You’ll get the best results by hiring a photographer to capture images of your business; here’s our blog on what you can expect when you hire a photographer through Infomedia. And if a professional photographer isn’t in the budget right now, here are a few websites where you can find free stock photography. (Resize photos for free using this tool, and learn to use your WordPress Media Library here.)

Refresh Your Text

Is the information on your website outdated? If you haven’t revisited it in a few months, chances are good that it needs a reboot. Watch our training on writing your own website copy to get inspired.

Experiment with New Social Media

If you don’t have social media at all, now’s a good time to dip your toe in the water. And if you’ve been doing a great job on Twitter, maybe 2019 is the year to embrace Instagram. Social media can be a great tool to reach more customers and drive traffic to your website — there’s no need to be overwhelmed by trying everything at once; instead, pick one new channel to create or improve and track your results to see if your site visits grow because of it.

Reboot Your SEO

Investing in Search Engine Optimization can help drive traffic to your website, and it can be incredibly helpful in raising your Google ranking so you can be found more easily by new clients. Give us a call and we’ll walk you through the process of getting started. And if you’ve already had keywords and SEO on your site for several months or years, we can take another look and tailor your efforts so your site performs even better.

Commit to Learning

Continually learning how to make your website better is a commitment in itself, and here at Infomedia, we put together a lot of free tools to make learning free and easy. Our Lunch & Learn season will be announced soon, and last year’s Lunch & Learns are available as free webinar trainings that you can watch anytime on our website.

Get a Site Audit and Fix Errors

Even if your website was perfect when it launched, if you don’t run continual updates and fix issues that arise in compatibility, you could have broken links or malfunctioning plug-ins. If you’re an Infomedia Support client, we take care of that for you. But if you’re not, we can still run a free site audit to let you know if everything’s running optimally.

Invest in a Support Package

Protect yourself against hacks and malware, have the peace of mind that someone is always running updates and testing against problems, and know that, if something does go wrong with your website, you always have someone to call who’ll fix it immediately. Give us a call or fill out a quick form and we’ll get you up-and-running in no time.

Drive Traffic with Landing Pages, PPC and Ad Retargeting

Your website will always get more traffic if you’re investing in digital marketing — we can walk you through the details and set you up with a marketing plan that’s tailored for you and your business. Learn more about what digital marketing can offer your business here.

Optimize Your Site for Local Search

Local search is so powerful in driving more traffic to your site, especially if you’re targeting a specific location (like Birmingham or Alabama or even the Southeast). If you can add local search elements, you’re more likely to be listed in Google, even for other areas. Get in touch and we’ll walk you through the details.

Increase Your Site Security with an SSL

Every year, SSL is more important to Google, and in 2019 we consider having an SSL absolutely essential for most clients. We can get you set up with an SSL quickly and easily. The cost is minimal, and the benefits include better protection for your site users and a better Google ranking for you.

Choose a Website Resolution You Can Keep

Don’t get so overwhelmed that you give up on improving — choose just a couple items from this list to tackle first. You can always add new goals as you have success! Another way to get more done in the New Year is to outsource what you don’t have the desire or the time to do yourself, and of course we’re happy to help with that; contact us and let us know what you need help with, and we’ll get you set up and on your way to a new and improved website in 2019.


About Carrie

Carrie has been copyediting and writing for fifteen years. Her skills were forged in the newsroom at The Birmingham Post-Herald and she’s a huge book nerd (she moonlights as Southern Living’s book reviewer), but a love of paper and ink hasn’t stopped her from mastering the digital world as well: She’s had a blog pretty much since they existed, and she’s run social media for companies big and small. Carrie’s always ready to take on a new communication challenge, lecture us about the proper use of semicolons, or defend the fact that her Instagram account is filled with selfies.

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