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Mission Bicycles

I love color, I love bikes. Mission Bicycle Company, based out of San Francisco, has a really nice melding of the two; and I’ve admired Mission’s bikes and website for a while now. Great style, great site, great branding, and their bikes are colorful works of art. Bike pictured is the Free City Classic.

1950s General Dynamics Designs – Erik Nitsche

Swiss graphic artist and creator of these fantastic posters for General Dynamics in the mid-1950s. I love the symmetry and colors, and the geometric shapes everywhere.

Colorblocked Bookshelves

St. Ryde

Clean, stylish, and friendly. And it renders beautifully on the web in many different sizes all the way down to 14 pt. You can get the regular weight for free on fontsquirrel.


With all the recent talk about content shifting and how it’s really changing the way we use the web, I decided to try out In a nutshell, this is a site that allows you to save products from all over the internet and proverbially “drop them” into a personal account, which then lets you view them all together on one neat little page.

Svpply is great fun for people like me who love to window shop because I can click on things and add them to my wish list and also “follow” people with similar interests. But admittedly, I mostly use it because there’s something so appealing about being able to see a collective view of things I like (or have liked, even).

To make svpply work, you just sign up, drag their button to your bookmark bar, and then when you’re browsing any site with products to purchase you can click the button and it’ll add what you’re looking at to your own personal svpply collection to “buy later”. And really, whether I’m buying or not.. who doesn’t love collections?

1. Buy me something!

2. Check out this great article to learn more about “orbital content”


Kuler is an awesome (and beautiful) Adobe site that lets you make your own color schemes and tweak them on the fly. Very useful features include: a color wheel guide to help you make your schemes correctly complementary, monochromatic, compound, shades, and triad color combinations. You can make your own profile, share and publish.


Handcrafted Internet Radio. Not like Pandora, not like Grooveshark. You create your own mixes, upload and share. This is currently my personal fave cause you can search for artists and find custom mixes based on search results. Another thing – it looks nice. The basic, non-cluttered interface makes sharing, uploading, and playing mixes so easy. And to top it all off is their recent new free app… now I can make or search for mixes, and listen to them in my car. Did I mention this awesomeness is free?

Cloud App

Hands down, the most useful free app I own and use daily. Take screen shots of tidbits on your screen and get a unique link to copy and paste anywhere. Share files with simple keyboard shortcuts.

Wye Oak – Civilian
Hot as Day
The Big Black and Blue – First Aid Kit
Ghost Town
When I Grow Up (Fever Ray cover)
Winter Is All Over You

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