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We’re a Birmingham, AL based web-strategy consulting firm with 20 years of experience. We’re not a start-up, and neither are most of our clients. We work with powerful businesses and big brands with proven track records, and we build on that success, offering valuable services even after your website is live.

We know how to move your business into spaces where you can make more money and grow your client base. We know how to build complex websites that function easily for your clients, your customers, and your staff. Time is money, and we know how to create an efficient site that makes you more of both.

We’ve developed more than a thousand websites, creating custom online solutions for clients in a range of industries: government, non-profit, architecture, construction, restaurants, and more. Our earliest clients included AOL, CNN/SportsSouth and The Southeastern Conference, and now we’re looking to the future — we can’t wait to work with you.

Web Is Not Your Only Way of Doing Business

The best website design functions as a key part of a bigger picture. We work with manufacturers, distributors, municipalities, counties, B2B and B2C businesses. Our mission is to create a site that becomes a powerful part of your already growing business. At Infomedia, we have a wonderfully talented group of web professionals, graphic designers and support staff, but we’re all really entrepreneurs at heart. We embrace challenges, and we understand business — that makes us the perfect fit for making your business work on the web.

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